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Our vision for turning our passion for helping some into a business that can help many started in 2017.

Opened in May 2019 Vivire Wellness's mission was to heal, educate and transform many lives into a positive outlook in life.  Also known as @HealthyFitCouple we inspire many around the world to lead a happier and healthier life. The overwhelming amount of enthusiasm by our friends and fans led us to open Vivire Wellness located in Davie, Fl.

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Our professional wellness and holistic coaches are here to help you assess your current physical and emotional state. Help you set goals for what you want to achieve in your overall wellness and health by working with you on plans of action to reach these goals.

member of the davie cooper city chamber of commerce
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Evelyn Hernandez has been in the health and wellness industry for over 10 years and is the founder of Vivire Wellness Sports Spa and Holistic Center. Evelyn has helped hundreds of clients lose weight, get fit and feel better about themselves. She understands the importance of food and nutrition and its importance in living a healthy happy lifestyle.
As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Evelyn helps her clients cultivate a trusting, nourishing, and relaxed relationship with food and their body. Her holistic approach along with her innovative dietitian created mobile institute for integrative nutritionapplication, gets her client's unprecedented results. Her holistic, approach focuses on developing health-promoting, pleasurable and sustainable self-care practices.
Evelyn is part of an empowering, positive movement that approaches food, body and health challenges from a soulful place of compassion, curiosity, nourishment, pleasure and innate body wisdom.
Evelyn coaches private clients and groups, teaches workshops and speaks at a variety of venues from high-tech companies to Pilates and yoga studios. Before aligning her career with her mad passion for health and wellness, she enjoyed 5 years in upper management in the Sports Nutrition industry.
Evelyn earned a Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, in International Business from Florida International University. She is also a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition®, where she became a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Evelyn is a Personal Trainer and is certified with the American Council of Exercise. She continues to expand her knowledge and recently became certified Master Reiki.

In addition and as of recently, Evelyn is the President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Davie chapter.



Geo is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience providing marketing and web design services to both emerging and Fortune 500 companies. Geo brings his expertise in building national brands with award-winning strategies and creative in event marketing, broadcast, printing, and social media marketing.

His own personal transformation led him to become a health coach. He lost over 100 lbs and has been able to sustain a healthy lifestyle for the past 10 years.

He is better known as Chef Geo due to his passion for cooking. He has inspired thousands around the world to prepare home cooked, healthier meals with his beautiful, healthy and creative dishes. Some of his recipes are currently being incorporated in some of Vivire’s Wellness programs.



massage therapistDanny is a 25-year-old ambitious and energetic professional massage therapist that has excelled specialty massage therapy, exceeding the expected milestones of a person of his age. He graduated from Florida College of Natural Health in 2015 and is now a licensed massage therapist and a member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association.

florida-college-of-natural-health-logoDanny has a passionate interest in the health and wellness sector and it is with that passion that he delved into the massage therapy field. He currently specializes in sports massage and deep tissue massage. He also offers relaxing massaging services as well. Daniel knows all too well the importance of creating personal contact with his clients. He possesses attributes such as care and concern, attributes which he has incorporated in his profession. To achieve

His clientele includes Olympic athletes and has even traveled far and wide accompanying them. Most notable is Richard Thomson, a 3x medallist Olympic Sprinter in which Daniel helped to qualify him to participate in the IAAF Diamond League meet in London and hit the qualifying standard to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympic games despite the injuries he had.maximum results with a client, Daniel enquires about a client’s medical history, reasons for requiring a massage, the client’s profession, and the desired results. After each session, Danny documents the client’s progress and keeps contact, especially if the client was nursing an injury.



sara acupuncturist

Sara is originally from Bogota Colombia, grew up in Los Angeles California and moved to Miami Florida to pursue her career as a holistic Doctor, she became a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in the year 1999. Sara has also received her Clean Needle Technique certification for the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Commission, (AAOM). Sara is also a Certified Reikist and a Licenced Esthetician.

Sara earned herAcupuncture-and-Oriental-Medicine-Commission Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Acupressure Acupuncture Institute. The four-year curriculum at this school consists of training in acupuncture, herbal medicine, practical clinical experience, energetic exercise, and adjunct therapies which include: Shiatsu, (Chinese massage), Eastern nutrition, moxibustion, cupping, electric stimulation, auriculotherapy, and Homeopathy.

Sara decided to pursue a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine after suffering from gastritis her whole life, digestive issues, and irregular menses. She decided to try acupuncture and Oriental medicine. After a few months of treatment she, not only, found relief from her many symptoms, but she realized that her body was healing itself. It was then that she wanted to be able to help others regain their bodies and lives back.

Her treatment philosophy is to treat the whole person, addressing all aspects of her patients’ lives. By forming a team with her patients, they are able to bring balance to all areas of the patients’ life, physical/mental/spiritual health, diet, and lifestyle habits.



Ingrid was born in Caracas, Venezuela and graduated in Spain, she has dedicated the last two decades studying, researching and practicing Holistic Wellness, Beauty & Oriental Medicine.
“Holistic health is about your well being. Not just fixing what hurts. You get to the root and heal from within. Emotional and physical health are always connected”
Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Shiatsu, Bach Flower and Herbal Remedies Practitioner and Holistic Beauty Expert, Ingrid has been working in holistic clinics and 5 stars spas in Europe and the USA, for more than ten years,  “ I am happy to see people turning to holistic health these days as they are soon realizing they can heal their diseases in a wholesome and less stressful manner.”.
When it comes to Skincare Ingrid’s approach is to create a Beauty Journey for every client, customizing aromatherapy, plant-based skin care and manual techniques to achieve everyone skin healing and beauty beyond what it shows.
Her Inspiration is the way Nature always finds harmony and balance to create beauty, happiness, and peace.

In her free time, you can find Ingrid practicing yoga & meditation, taking refreshing ocean baths, visiting fresh farmer markets, sharing with family & friends and enjoying and embracing the present moment.



sara acupuncturistBarbie is a Certified  ThetaHealer® . She has completed Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper and Intuitive Anatomy Seminars in the Theta Healing Technique. Using her intuitive connection to source energy she specializes in clearing limiting beliefs that have been passed on to us or created through trauma and abuse. By clearing the core limiting beliefs, Theta can relieve anxiety, physical and emotional pain, release fears, and resentments that hold you back. Theta Healing changes the belief systems creating these issues, therefore transforming the body, mind, and spirit — bringing balance, connection, and healing.

theta healerThetaHealer has been on her spiritual development path for over 10 years and has also attended several Seminars at the Deepak Chopra center in Carlsbad, Ca. Has attended seminars by Mike Dooley from TUT -The Universe Talks, Hay House- Louise Hay events and seminars. Abraham-Hicks Seminars, and Dr. Wayne Dyer seminars.

Barbie is a compassionate, and nurturing practitioner that provides a safe and secure atmosphere in her sessions.



Barbara Serpa is a graduate of Florida College of Natural Health and a member of the American Massage Therapy florida-college-of-natural-health-logoAssociation (AMTA). Barbara found her calling to massage as her interests sparked in the medical field, she especially loved that massage provided a noninvasive way to help facilitate healing in people. Her intention comes from the belief in the power to self-heal, with the help of touch to increase one’s own body awareness.

Barbara uses a variety of modalities including Swedish, deep tissue to promote overall relaxation in the body. She also performs sports massage utilizing modified lymphatic drainage, pelvic realignment, and muscle firing techniques. The focus will be to minimize recovery time and injuries for athletes. The massage session can be a blend of all modalities specifically custom-tailored for the client.

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