Have you ever filled out a questionnaire at your practitioner’s office?

This is a common way to gather unit information about you the information provided on the questionnaire was likely used to provide insight and direction to the practitioner.  You might think of the Zyto Scan like a health questionnaire only instead of answering the questions with pencil and paper,  Data from your body is analyzed

Here is how it works:

Zyto Scan presents various virtual items which might be thought of as questions on a questionnaire. these items are digital representations of things like foods, nutritional supplements, and clinical services. The question asking process the Zyto hand cradle measures very subtle changes in the electrical properties of your skin, these changes are known as galvanic skin response are sent to the software to be analyzed. The software looks for the responses that are closest to your established baseline, these are considered more coherent items to  your biological coherence. Your responses from this game are ranked for coherence on the balance report and this data can then be used to help maintain your personal wellness just like a questionnaire, the Zyto Scan is aimed at providing this information.  Equipped with this information, you can make personalized wellness decisions on a regular basis.


-60 Minute Customized Massage

-Zyto Essential Oil Scan

-Free Zyto Service Report

Complete Package
Worth $199

SALE $120

In order to maximize the full benefits of any massage, Vivire Wellness has partnered with Zyto Scan and Young Living Essential oils!

getting a zyto scan


The Zyto Scan will tell you what essential oils the massage therapist should use for your session. We are including an essential oil Zyto hand scan with our massage service (for proper scheduling, please mention interest when scheduling your other service). This 5 minute hand scan will tell us exactly which essential oils your body is asking for.

After your Essential oil scan, your massage therapist will customize your massage with Young Living Essential oils and your 60 minute massage will be customized to your goals and needs.

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