How Cryofacial Works

CrioFacial mejora la condición de su piel al aumentar el oxígeno y los nutrientes que suministran la piel. Frecuentes CryoFacials aprietan la piel y previenen las arrugas. Durante los tratamientos CryoFacial, los vasos de la piel y los capilares sufren un período de vasoconstricción (constricción de los vasos sanguíneos) seguido de vasodilatación (dilatación de los vasos sanguíneos) al finalizar la sesión. Esto hace que las toxinas almacenadas en las capas de la piel se descompongan y se eliminen. El frío intenso activa la producción de colágeno en las capas más profundas de la piel, dejando su piel firme y tensa.

Después de varias aplicaciones de CryoFacial , los clientes notaron que la piel se volvía más lisa y más tonificada con una elasticidad recuperada y una mejor sensación general de “juventud”. Provocar un shock al enfriar o sacudir (alternando frío y calor) la piel con Cryo alrededor de la cara y el cuello, desencadena la producción de capas profundas de colágeno. Esto suavizará las líneas faciales, reducirá las imperfecciones, arrugas y hará una apariencia más apretada en pocos minutos. Un conjunto completo de aplicaciones (de 4 a 8) renovará naturalmente la producción de colágeno. En consecuencia, el resultado de un curso de tratamientos es un retorno duradero de una piel más joven, clara y más joven.

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Pumpskin Cáscara de enzima purificante

Características de la cáscara de la enzima purificadora de piel de calabaza:

Acelerador de exfoliación
Sustituto de ácido retinoico leve
Ayuda a descomponer las células muertas de la piel.
cryofacial cryotherapy facial


Comience con una sesión de sauna de infrarrojos de 30 min.

★ Terapia de aroma de alquimia aromática fría
★ Limpieza de luz y eliminación de maquillaje
★ Cáscara estacional de enzimas purificadoras de calabaza
★ Crioterapia facial de enfriamiento profundo
★ Termina con una crema hidratante orgánica.


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pumskin facial

La crioterapia crio facial tiene muchas ventajas

Cryofacial gives you younger-looking skin by naturally decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing out lines in the skin caused by the normal aging process.

  • Your skin becomes tighter and firmer in response to this therapy.
  • Helps repair dead skin cells and gives your skin greater elasticity because it boosts collagen production.
  • Puffiness around the eyes shall be significantly reduced or totally eliminated.
  • Pores on the face and neck shall be reduced in size, limiting the intake of toxins, dirt, and grime.
  • Skin conditions like Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne, and Psoriasis could be reduced.
  • Metabolic rate increases, Endorphin levels shall be stimulated.

After one session you can clearly see the reduction of lines, puffiness, and clearing of skin color.

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Calificación de 5.0 estrellas

Uno de mis vecinos recomienda este nuevo spa holístico y me alegro de haber visitado el fin de semana pasado. Probamos la sauna de infrarrojos, que fue una experiencia realmente genial, ya que tienen diferentes programas para elegir e incluso puedes ver Netflix mientras te sudas. Luego tuve un tratamiento facial holístico con Ingrid, fue una experiencia agradable. Ella aconsejó que solo usen productos a base de plantas y orgánicos. Los productos huelen increíble. Mi esposo recibió una terapia de tejido profundo, y él dice que yo era increíble, que tenía dolores en los hombros y que, según él, se alivió después del masaje. Terminamos nuestra visita con una buena taza de té de su barra de vitalidad.


5.0 star rating

This place is so luxurious and a very comfortable environment. I tried to cryotherapy and it numbs the area that it was targeting completely removing the pain. I also tried to facial which boy is truly amazing considering they use organic products. It really made my face feel wonderful. Thanks again


5.0 star rating

I stopped by Vivire during their grand opening and had the opportunity to demo some of their services and I must say I had a phenomenal experience! The owners, Evelyn & Geo have gone above and beyond with this location. If you are looking for personalized treatment, this is the place for you. I never experienced Theta Healing until I met Barbara. The session was emotionally healing and mind-opening. I was so relaxed that I followed the Theta Healing with a facial by Ingrid! I’m in love with the organic skin care products shed used. Definitely returning for personal training and cryotherapy for my tennis elbow. I highly recommend this location. Friendly staff, very knowledgeable; new and clean center with much to offer.


5.0 star rating

I’m so happy because Ingrid Gicherman is working in this place! From many years she take care of me and treat me like I’m special. If you need facial treatments don’t hesitate to contact her, she is the best of the best in South Florida.
Everyone in Viviré Wellness is so polite and courteous and professional.


5.0 star rating

My wife and I visited Vivire together this weekend and had an enjoyable relaxing time. The staff is very knowledgeable and pleasant. It’s a beautiful set up close to home for us. So far we had massage therapy infrared sauna and facial. We will be coming back this week and make sure to tell our friends in any opportunities we have.


5 start google reviews

Mi esposa y yo visitamos a Vivire juntos este fin de semana y pasamos un tiempo agradable y relajante. El personal es muy eficiente y agradable. Es una hermosa configuración cerca de casa para nosotros. Hasta ahora hemos tenido terapia de masaje con sauna de infrarrojos y facial. Volveremos esta semana y nos aseguraremos de contarles a nuestros amigos cualquier oportunidad que tengamos.


Danny gave me the best 60 min massage! He totally rehabbed my shoulder issues with grace. I definitely recommend the cupping add-on for anyone who has trouble getting relief on old injuries and super tight muscles.

The ambiance was fantastic and helped me feel pampered, especially after a week of hitting the slopes heavily. A gift to my whole body!

The remedies in the shop for sale are also totally worth it! The oak cleansing facial feels great on my face after facing variable conditions. I also got the sunscreen and recovery soak as they have really good ingredients and work well.

I will definitely come back on my next trip in town!


I was having pretty bad back pain so I went to see Danny last week.
Immediately after the visit I felt relief. He used many techniques and took time to explain what was going on and the course of action we would take to get my back better again.

He has a great bedside manner. Personable, professional, and even gave some humorous advice

I can see why he has such outstanding reviews. He is very smart and cares about his clients. He really listens and knows his business.

I didn’t have to wait either. The appointments run on time there.

I recommend him to everyone


I received one of the best massages I’ve ever had at Vivire Wellness by Barbie. She is very intuitive, super sweet and knew exactly where the pain points were on my back and how to work on them. She used some light cupping and light therapy to get my back to loosen up and it worked miracles. The apothecary from Purium is adorable and has a ton of good medicinal products from teas to tinctures to cbd. I would strongly recommend Vivire Wellness, ask for Barbie!


I had a great experience with a facial from Ingrid. And yes, I have had them before, in fact in a previous life I got them monthly. LOL

Ingrid arrived an hour early for other reasons on her day off, found me in front of the lock door making phone calls and took me in. Truth be told, after a few phone calls (to make sure I wasn’t in the wrong place – ok, I’m a guy, it could happen ;-), the relatively new owners were mortified about the mix up and gave me consideration on the price.

The whole experience ended extremely well, and I’ll definitely book again (ahead of time) when ever I am in South Florida, happily paying full price)