Brolied Seabass sweet potato cauliflower mash

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By vivirewellness / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Jun 19, 2019

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  • Tracy Albiero

    I am not a big fan of seafood but this looks amazing! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Sheddy b amadi

    PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS are so awesome, this is a tip i won’t forget because i am thinking of preparing this right away …

  • Beti

    Must try this definitely looking delicious.

  • Aga

    This looks super delicious! I’m going to try this dish on the weekend and hope that it tastes as good as it looks 🙂 Thanks!

    xxxx Aga

  • Poorna Banerjee

    Really liked the recipe – quite easy to prep and go!

  • Marjie Mare

    This looks so delicious and healthy. I am saving it and will definitely make it.

  • Nursery rhymes girl

    Hey Viv,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe with us. This looks yummy 🙂 Wanna try.

  • Streamed TV Fan

    This looks delicious. Will give it a try.

  • A Nikole

    That looks really delicious and sounds tasty. I never would have thought to add cauliflower to sweet potatoes!

  • Magen

    I love sea bass! I’m goin got have to try this recipe for sure

  • Hackytips

    I do love potato mash! But never tried in home.

  • Jenn

    Cauliflower mash is my favorite and I love your twist on it.

  • D'ondra M Howard

    I’m not one to do fish with mashed potatoes, but this looks good.

  • Aisasami

    This looks really yummy. I am not a big fan of cooked fish but I send this to my mom who loves fish.

  • Polly

    HI! I hope you guys are having a good day! This looks very delicious! I’m getting hungry staring at the picture. I would love to try this someday. The preparation looks easy to follow.

  • Jackline A

    I love Seabass so I am so trying this recipe. Thank you for sharing such a tasty meal.

  • Taylor Justin

    This sounds great! I am always down for switching up my seafood recipes!

  • Sheena Moncatar

    The picture just made me hungry. LOL. I love being in the kitchen, no matter what dish, I just love the thought of doing magic in the kitchen. Sea bass is something I would want to prepare next week, thanks to your post.

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