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Why it is Important That All Women Actually Weight Train.

women weight lifting
women weight lifting

Why it is Important That All Women Actually Weight Train? Women believe that the best exercise for weight loss is cardio, or maybe they are intimidated by weight lifting. If your among these women, who are not weight lifting, we hope by the time you have read this article, you have either scheduled a fitness assessment with our Master Trainer Evy or have contacted your own personal trainer to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Weight Lifting

BOOST YOUR METABOLISM:  The more muscle you have the faster your metabolism and vise versa, the less muscle you have then the slower your metabolism will be. As we women age, we lose muscle, especially after the age of 40. If you diet without resistance training, 20% of that weight loss may also be due to muscle loss.

BUILD STRONGER BONES: In order to maintain and bone mass, we MUST do weight bearing exercises, sorry women cardio will not help with this.

BURN MORE FAT: It is scientifically proven, that when you do weight training your metabolism stays elevated for several hours after working out, While when doing cardio, you stop burning fat shortly after.

AIDS WITH SLEEP:  Resistance training will greatly improve your sleeping quality. It will help you fall asleep faster and deeper.

DO IT FOR YOUR HEART:  Pumping iron helps reduce the risk of heart disease  an is an approved form of exercise by the American Heart Association.

STRESS RELEASE:  Researchers have found that those who practice resistance training manage stress better and fewer adverse reaction to stress than those who do not.

DO IT FOR YOUR MIND:  Resistance training studies  show that moderate intensity weightlifting can improve memory and cognitive function.

DO IT FOR YOUR BODY: Endurance/Cardio can help you lose weight but you will lose both fat and muscle. While weightlifting will help you sculpture your body and keep or create awesome curves.


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  1. I don’t know how it happened, but it seems like the common misconception among women is that lifting weights is only for body builders. That’s not true! It’s excellent for your health, and it’s great for your bones!

  2. I just started working out again. As of right now, I’ve been focusing on cardio…..until you reminded me to add in weight lifting! So thank you. Now I have to update my calendar!

  3. Why lifting weights is so important. More muscle equals more metabolism: The most important reason that you should be lifting weights is to lose fat and build muscle. … The more muscle a woman has, the more calories she will burn at rest. So basically, muscles speed up your metabolism, resulting in fat loss.

  4. You have an amazing body but I’m definitely not the type would weight train. I exercise and do a lot of walking and biking but not weight lifting. Not my thing. 🙂

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